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East Montgomery Utility District was established and incorporated as a public water utility in 1967. Today, with approximately 5,800 customers and growing we continue to serve the growing water needs for part of Cheatham, Montgomery, and Robertson County, TN. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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Frequently asked questions

Bills go out the end of each month. You should receive your bill around the 1st of each month and it is due on the 15th. Any payment received after the 15th will incur a 10% penalty. 

Cut-off is the 20th of each month. In order to restore service your account must be paid up to date along with a $75.00 reconnection fee and any other applicable fees before service can be restored. WE DO NOT RECONNECT SERVICES AFTER HOURS. 

Yes, you may use our drop box that is located in the drive thru. Please be sure to include your bill so your payment is correctly credited. You may also make payments via debit or credit card by going to Eastmontgomeryutilitydistrict.com. or by phone 24/7 with a debit or credit card.

You may apply in person or obtain the necessary documents online. Please note: we must have the water contract, well user’s agreement, collection form, and cross connection survey completed and returned in office, by emailing to info@emud.us or by faxing to 931-368-1923. You also have the option to sign up for automatic bank draft. A $75 non-refundable/non-transferrable connection fee will apply to all new service address sign-ups.

There is a $30.00 fee for each returned check, bank draft and chargeback. Customers will be notified of the returned item by mail. Customers with three or more failed transactions returned to our office will no longer be able to make payments with a check or by automatic draft. A returned check or chargeback for the start-up of service or for a reconnection fee, will result in your water service being locked immediately. If this occurs, a reconnection fee of $75.00 and other applicable fees will be required to reactivate service.

The water meter is located at the front of the property in the ground. However, some are located at the side or rear of yards. They may be located in the common grassy area between driveways if you live in a subdivision. Typically they are marked with blue paint and a corresponding blue mark on the road in line with the meter. The meter shut off valve is located on the meter unit and may resemble a stove knob. 

Here’s one way to find out. Take some food coloring or Kool-Aid (anything safe and potable with a color additive) and pour it into the holding tank of the toilet. Leave the toilet alone for several hours, if not overnight. If the color additive makes its way to the inside of the bowl, the flap in the holding tank is faulty or the chain may need adjusting. It’s not unusual to see increases in water usage of up to 20,000 gallons a month because of a faulty toilet flapper.

Locate your shut off valve and turn off the water off immediately. East Montgomery Utility’s responsibility stops at the meter. The customer will be responsible for repairing their own leaks. The water department has no knowledge of where your water lines are or where your leak is occurring. Refer to this leak chart to see just how much water is wasted with even a small leak.

The water inside pipes can freeze within hours if exposed to cold air, especially when temperatures are below freezing and remain below freezing for an extended time. As freezing water expands, it causes the pressure inside pipes to increase, possibly leading to bursting pipes. Both plastic and copper pipes can burst when they freeze. You may want to leave a faucet dripping when temperatures are below freezing, make sure all of your exposed pipes are well insulated, and wrap your outside faucets or cover with an insulated weather guard to prevent any frozen or busted pipes.

State Law requires that anyone who is about to engage in digging, excavation, moving of earth, or any other type of activity that disturbs the earth to notify Tennessee One Call of their intent to dig as they may be in danger of damaging the underground facilities. If you have paint markings, flags, or stakes in or near your yard, a Tennessee One Call was likely called in for your area. Refer to the color chart for information regarding what utilities were marked. For more information, please refer to the Tennessee One Call website.

A cross-connection is any temporary or permanent connection between a public water system or consumer’s potable (i.e., drinking) water system and any source or system containing non potable water or other substances. An example is the piping between a public water system or consumer’s potable water system and an auxiliary water system, cooling system, or irrigation system. A back flow device protects you from potential contamination. If you have a back flow device, East Montgomery is required by the State of Tennessee to test it each year and it pass that inspection. A $50 fee applies per year.

Please see attached document for information regarding water system improvements.

East Montgomery Utility District Standard Specifications

Pay Online or Over the Phone

We are proud to offer the ability to pay your bill online, as well as over the phone through our automated IVR system. To pay online, simply click the Pay Online link above to get started. To pay over the phone, you can call the automated system at (855) 942-6053.